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Key Features in 5.0
Help Authoring

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Features on this page are part of the Help Edition. They are also part of the Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Help Authoring    
Multiple Targets    
HyperText Studio projects can be targeted to build to any one of the following targets:
  • WinHelp 3.1
  • WinHelp 4.0
  • HTML (Web Site) (Professional and Enterprise editions only)
  • HTML Help 1.x
  • KeyHelp
  • BrowserHelp (Professional and Enterprise editions only)

Re-use all topics simply by changing the output target! Build context sensitive documentation in WinHelp and then publish the same information as a fully functioning web site or as a compiled HTML Help system. Available targets can be all six options or unchecked to reduce the options available in the Properties boxes

Graphics from all sources are converted to the correct image file format for each target and generated in the output folder for the project.

Output folders are generated beneath the main project folder for each different type of target.


Context Sensitive Help    
The HyperText Studio includes everything you need to create context sensitive help projects.

Map files can be created through the book properties page, or you can include and import any existing map files provided by your programmers.

Context strings can be specified for each topic.  The HyperText Studio ensures you don't have duplicate context strings within your project.  Context numbers and the map file to use for each context string can also be specified. Aliases can also be specified for each topic, making it easier than with any other tool to see which topics have aliases.

Documentation on building context sensitive help applications is included with the HyperText Studio - making it easy to get started straight away!


Index Management    
The Index tab gives you a complete list of all the keywords used in the project structured in a hierarchical fashion.  Create as many keywords as you like using the Index toolbar!

Assign topics on a keyword-by-keyword basis or assign multiple keywords to each topic.  Whichever way you choose depends on how you like to work - the HyperText Studio gives you the flexibility to work the way you want to!


WinHelp is well established as the HyperText engine of choice for delivery of help systems.  It is stable, well known, and users are used to it.  The HyperText Studio provides full support for creating WinHelp files!

Visually design project windows through the windows editor.  Drag and resize windows to the size you require or visually specify the settings via dialogs.  Use the button bar designer to create custom button bars for your windows!

Link together multiple help files with the HyperText Studio's support for creating multiple help files in a single project - all the linking work is done for you!  All you have to do is write your help file and the HyperText Studio will do the rest!

Track down bugs in your help file by using the Messages tab of the output window to see every call to the help engine!  You can use this information to figure out why a topic is not being displayed correctly.


HTML Help    
HTML Help is Microsoft's replacement for WinHelp and provides some very exciting new features for help authors. The HyperText Studio provides extensive support for HTML Help.

Visually design the windows to be included in your project.  The HyperText Studio has full support for all the new HTML Help window settings, including a visual tri-pane window designer.

Site Maps are automatically output by the HyperText Studio so users can see your index and Table of Contents.

Create links using the new HTML Help ActiveX Control.  The HyperText Studio links dialog allows you to visually select your link options, and the HyperText Studio takes care of outputting the links using the HTML Help ActiveX Control!


KeyHelp is an extension to HTML Help to allow you to add some very exciting new features to your help files!  The HyperText Studio has a new KeyHelp target which allows you to immediately provide popups in your HTML Help files! Simply change the target, rebuild your project and you have popups in HTML Help!  

Importing Existing Documentation    
Maintaining existing documentation is one of the most important parts of any authoring tool.  The HyperText Studio is no exception - its powerful import wizard allows you to import any of your existing documents!

WinHelp and HTML Help projects can be imported, looking exactly as they were in any other authoring tool!

Printed Documentation can be imported in RTF format and the HyperText Studio will create topics, links and an index based on the information in the RTF file!



Setup Wizard

Distribute HyperText Studio Projects with the Setup Wizard. Use the Publish menu to start the wizard. Choose the compiled project you want to distribute.

Setup options include your title, the default directory for installation, the name of the program group and a choice of icon to open the project

Generate setup routines for distribution on CD or floppy disks (to span the total program over several linked setup files).

Include related components like .dlls or multimedia files needed to run your project.

The single setup.exe presents a polished front end for your hypertext projects particularly useful if it's being distributed as a stand alone demonstration or reference system.


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