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Key Features in 5.0
Project and Site Management

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User Interface    
Property pages contained in the Properties Box adjust all aspects of your project from individual characters and paragraphs through table layout, graphics alignment and background textures. Roll up the Property box to save screen space but retain instant access as you work.  

Link Management    
Working on a big project requires management tools.  The HyperText Studio provides extensive management tools!

Never have invalid links with the HyperText Studio's database technology! If you delete a topic, the HyperText Studio will remove all links to that topic for you.  If you rename a topic, the HyperText Studio will ensure all topics remain correctly linked!

View Links coming into and going out from a topic through the Links Listboxes.� You never need to wonder whether a topic is used again - just use the links listboxes to find out!� Use the links listboxes to find out which topics graphics and other objects are used in as well!  
Manage links directly from the links listboxes.� You can remove or edit links as well as open topics or select links, all from the one place!  

Visual creation of a structure for your project is simple with the HyperText Studio!  The contents tab gives you everything you need to manage the topics in your project! Drag and drop to setup the structure of your project, or use the toolbar buttons to move topics around.

Shortcuts can also be created through drag and drop.  This allows you to set up your contents tree to look exactly the way you want it to. A shortcut takes all its children and whenever you make a change to the actual linked node (for example changing the title or adding another child) it is reflected in the shortcut node!


Site Management    
The Site tree gives you all the features that you need to manage your web site.  The site tree contains all the folders and files that make up your site in a tree form, similar to that used by the windows explorer. Use the Site Tree to manage these files.  

Graphics Management    
Managing graphics in a huge project is always difficult.  The HyperText Studio makes this task significantly easier.  In your project window you can access a list of graphics via a new Graphics tab.  From this tab you can remove graphics, replace the graphic with another one or simply edit the graphic in your favorite graphics-editing tool!

Further completing the consistent user-interface design is the new Insert Picture dialog that allows you to select any picture already used in the site!


Glossary Topic    
The Insert | Glossary Topic command, available in the contents tree is a fantastic time saving feature. The glossary topic will automatically create a glossary based on all children of the glossary topic every time that you build. This means you never have to update your glossaries again.



Topic Status    
Each topic has a status property, making it easy for you to see what still needs to be done.  The status of all topics can be viewed from the topics list and multiple topics can have their status changed in the topics list.  In addition, the topic status page allows you to add a comment for each topic as well as some indications of the time spent on the topic.

Topics in topics list can be sorted by title, filename and status.  This makes it very easy to view the status of your topics and which topics still have work to be done. Once again, saving development time.


Find and Replace    
Use Find and Replace to search for and/or replace content.  You can replace text with other text, or add links or keywords automatically!

Regular expression searching makes complicated searches much easier!


Importing Existing Documentation    
Maintaining existing documentation is one of the most important parts of any authoring tool.  The HyperText Studio is no exception - its powerful import wizard allows you to import any of your existing documents!

Web Sites can be imported in part or as a whole site. Your HTML code is not changed as part of the import process.


Link Checker    
Use the built-in Link Checker to check all links in your site.  You can check links to the Internet as well as links within your site!  

Publish to Web

Publish your web site to the internet using the new publish to web feature. The Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard is then executed which takes you through the steps required to take your web site created with the HyperText Studio to your own web server.


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